For children

“English house” language center organizes the English language courses, which provide exceptional fluent oral speech. The program is meant to be for children aged 5-14. The lessons are held with the help of games, audio and video materials, illustrated books, songs, role-plays, etc. Our courses have been specifically designed to develop language thinking, communication skills, help children find out their interests and hobbies, form a positive relationship with the peers, as well as provide multisided knowledge and general development. Our experienced teachers are passionate about the English language and experts in teaching children. The groups are formed based on the children’s age and levels.
There are 6 levels and each level is 3-4 months (beginner to advanced) . Classes are 3 times a week for 2 hours (09:21:00, Monday –Saturday). 

The classes are held three times weekly for 2 hours and last 2 months.

Group 12 lessons – 30000 AMD

Individual 8 lessons – 40000 AMD (5000 AMD per hour)