“A different language is a different vision of life”
Federico Fellini

If you want to learn about other cultures, make new friends, or you are falling behind in your career, then you need “learn fast”, the all-inclusive foreign language courses. They will open up a new world for you and help you keep up with the bilingual high flyers.
“English House” training center provides General, Academic English, English for Specific Purposes(ESP), IELTS and TOEFL– English exam preparation courses as well as conversational Russian courses for adults and children.The general courses are interactive and will help you to improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills with the particular emphasis on communication. Lessons are complemented with updated material, full range of audio and video materials, songs, books in English (home reading) and books of different editions (Oxford, Cambridge, Longman,etc).
In our school everyone receives personalized attention. Our experienced teachers create an English-speaking class from the first lesson, help overcome psychological barriers, help think in English and provide different games and activities. Our fully-supported courses will teach you the language for every situation.
There are 6 levels and each level is 2 months (beginner to advanced) .Before classes a placement test is given to determine your ability to speak and understand English. After each level a final test isprovided to check your progress. Average class size is 6-8. Age limit is from 5 and up. Classes are 3 times a week for 2 hours (09:21:00, Monday –Saturday).