English Exam Preparation

Advanced English Language Courses for Entrance Exams
Our comprehensive Advanced English Language Courses are designed to provide you with the linguistic skills and confidence needed to conquer your exams and secure your spot in the institution of your dreams.
What We Offer:

  • Intensive training in reading comprehension, vocabulary expansion, and critical thinking.
  • In-depth grammar and syntax lessons to enhance your writing and communication skills.
  • Practice tests modeled after actual entrance exams to simulate the real testing environment.
  • Personalized feedback and one-on-one sessions to target your areas for improvement.
  • Expert instructors with a proven track record in guiding students to success.

Group classes are held three times weekly for 1,5 h., 40000 AMD per month.
Individual classes are held 3 times weekly for 1 hour, 70000 AMD per month.
(6000 AMD per hour)